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Family Law

Alan J. Tindell provides representation in all aspects of family law matters: divorce/legal separation, paternity, parenting plans, child support and adoptions.
Gavel and Law Books — Family Law Attorney in Richland, WA

Divorce Cases

I know that going through a divorce is one of the most challenging matters than any person can face. Your concerns about moving forward with your life, preserving your property and having a wholesome relationship with your children is my focus. In the process of going through a divorce, one of the most important factors on your mind is what will happen to your children. I understand the importance of your children's safety, stability and happiness and I am prepared to put all of my experience to work for you, to ensure the right outcome.
Court Room — Family Law Attorney in Richland, WA

Child Custody

At the office of Alan J. Tindell, Attorney at Law, my goal is to make every child custody case as easy and comfortable as possible for the children and parents involved. Oftentimes cases are settled out of court in order to reduce the stress involved in proceedings. However, certain cases must go to court if there is a question about the best interests of the children.
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Paternity Cases

A paternity test establishes a man's rights and responsibilities as the father of his children. Most paternity cases involve a man who wishes to find out if he is the biological father of a child, and they are used in cases where child support or child custody is in question between parents who are unmarried. I provide representation for men and women in paternity cases.
Scales, Gavel and Law Books — Family Law Attorney in Richland, WA

Restraining Orders

Due to the sensitive and personal nature of many family law cases, restraining orders are sometimes necessary for the protection of property, children, and the adult parties involved in the case. Alan J. Tindell assists in filing for restraining orders for your safety.

Criminal Law

A former public defender, Alan Tindell is also available to represent clients facing district court criminal charges such as Domestic violence, 4th degree assault, and Drivers' License suspension charges.